LOT 15

3H PERFORMER D416 - DOB 10/6/16 - AHA REG # P43769370 - POLLED

Sired by ILR 1319 Iron Man 4104B. Don't miss this stout bull with muscle and eye appeal.

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LOT 18

3H HOMETOWN D124 - DOB 11/22/16 - AHA REG # P43769505 - POLLED

He has a combination of great EPD's and a solid structure. He ranks in the top 5% of the breed for CEM, with a CHB of 34.

LOT 42

3H MISS D119 - DOB 11/16/16 - AHA REG # P43769497 - POLLED

She's got a maternal look with a deep body and nice hip. She ranks in the top 5% of the breed for milk, and top 1% for M&G.

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LOT 46

3H MISS 0496 - DOB 1/26/16 - WBHA REG # 20160044 - POLLED - HOMOZYGOUS BLACK - 62% HB

A beautiful daughter of Triple L A120 with a negative birth weight EPD. Bred to ILR Hometown 1408 ET. A favorite here at 3H Ranch, she's a hard one to let go.

LOT 13


​JN Balder bloodlines with a negative birthweight EPD. His sire, J-B Spur 808, has proven to produce long bodied, sound bulls that have plenty of growth. 


3H SPUR D421 - DOB 10/6/16 - WBHA REG # 20160256 - HOMOZYGOUS POLLED - 79%HB

Sired by JB Spur 808. 3H Spur D421 has massive bone and a large body to bring size to your calves

LOT 25

3H MISS D402 - DOB 9/29/16 - WBHA REG # 20160232 - POLLED - 67% HB

She is sired by a Curve Bender son and out of a true F1 dam. She possesses a great look and style along with explosive growth. 

LOT 22

3H MISS E017 - DOB 1/30/17 - AHA REG # P43818023 - POLLED

Check out this powerhouse pedigree. Her paternal grandsire was a Denver National Champion, and her maternal grand sire was a Reno Grand Champion. She ranks in the top 5% of the breed for milk and M&G.

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This is our first annual Black & Red Sale. We will be selling 52 Registered Herefords & Black Herefords. Offering will include 19 yearling bulls, 5 spring heifers, 21 yearling heifers, 7 bred heifers and 2 select semen lots. Catalog will only be available online at SuperiorLivestock.com The sale format is a live webcast with an auctioneer in studio while you are viewing the cattle by video. You are welcome to bid online on SuperiorClickToBid, leave an absentee bid with SuperiorClickToBid, join us live in Fort Worth at Superior Studio, or call in to bid at

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3H BRAND D444 - DOB 10/19/16 - WBHA REG # 20160277 - POLLED - HOMOZYGOUS BLACK - 80% HB

A homozygous Curve Bender grandson with volume and a square hip.